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1919 SW 10 Avenue, corner Boswell
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We are located in Suite 22 of the Boswell Professional Building, situated on the southeast corner at the intersection of SW 10 th Avenue and Boswell, in Topeka. This is a few blocks west of Stormont-Vail Hospital and the Topeka-Shawnee County Library.
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Insurance Plan Coverage

  • We accept most common insurance plans such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare and Medicaid/KanCare for our office visits. This applies to all charges for seeing, treating and supervising our patients for their associated medical conditions. Your usual insurance plan deductibles and co-pay will apply.
  • We are a professional medical practice. We do not sell any food, supplements, or medications!
  • If your care involves lifestyle change, such as changing your diet to control weight or diabetes, there is a one-time charge of $99 for enrollment in our online course. Books, as needed, are less than $30 each. These charges are usually not covered by insurance, except for those with a Health Savings Account. Let us know if these charges cause undue hardship.
  • There is no charge for participation in our Support Group.

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Support Group

  • Participating in a voluntary support group is a helpful tool for those who are attempting to lose weight or control their diabetes. Our Peer Support Group meets in our offices every Tuesday, from 5 PM through 6 PM. It is highly recommended and there is no charge for it, but please try to arrive at the start time. It is open to all active patients, and former patients who desire to attend are welcome, as well. It Is a Peer Support Group, so we cannot provide individual medical advice during the sessions. Please schedule a regular appointment if you need such advice. All we ask is that you maintain strict confidentiality about who else is there and anything discussed by others.
  • The group will not meet when there are severe weather advisories leading to widespread closures in the area. If USD 501 has announced a closure, we will follow suit. Additional support group closures will be shown here.

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What do we do?

  • We consider your first visit the most important. We typically spend an hour with you, occasionally more. We get to know you and the issues that you face. We start out by reviewing the medical history that you bring us and listen to the story that you tell us. If you have recent laboratory results, they are very important to us. We review them with you and tell you what we think is happening and what medical risks you are facing. If your physician referred you here, or if you're concerned about metabolism, diabetes, or weight, we pay close attention. A physical examination coupled with anthropomorphic analysis helps us set reasonable goals for you.
  • If the plan we recommend includes dietary and lifestyle change, the next step is to enroll you in our online course. You'll do this in the privacy of your home at your own pace. Although it typically takes about eight hours at your computer, it is an intense learning experience and most people take about two weeks to complete it. We do not want you to start the dietary or lifestyle change until you have completed the course, so you have a thorough understanding of what to do and why you're doing it.
  • Once you begin, the first few days are an initiation phase, teaching your body to bring your blood sugar levels down and begin burning stored energy. Then, you transition to the next phase. Although we start you with a few sample meal plans, there are a wide variety of recipes you may use, as long as you adhere to the principles you learned in the course. If you're on diabetic medication, we work out a plan to greatly reduce medication while you maintain at-home monitoring. We stay in close communication with you as you do this. Typically, we will see you in the office about a week after you have started this phase.
  • How often we see you after this strictly depends upon your needs. It may be weekly, if we are changing and stabilizing your medication needs, or it could be months apart if you are doing well and thoroughly understand the program. The Peer Support Group helps by meeting weekly at no charge to either you or your insurance company. Regular attendance can help you with accountability and success.
  • At some point, you will need to transition to a maintenance phase. We want you to avoid the pitfall of yo-yo dieting and be able to maintain a healthy and stable lifestyle.

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Alcohol & Drug issues

We can provide individual help for those suffering from alcohol or drug dependence issues. We strongly encourage patient participation in appropriate self-help groups. Please call us to discuss your need.

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Helping organizations, employers & groups

If you have a group that would like to learn more, contact us to arrange a seminar. We will do this without charge for local not-for-profit organizations, such as churches, social and fraternal groups.

For employers seeking to genuinely improve employee health and reduce health insurance costs, we may be able to provide a plan to help you. We can also do an analysis of your current health benefit situation and effectiveness of your wellness programs.

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**This site is intended to provide information about programs and services available through Preventive Medicine Associates LLC. This website is not intended to offer individual medical advice. If you require care, contact us or consult your personal physician.